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Financial Markets Analysis Application

Statmetrics is a financial markets analysis application providing an interactive environment for advanced technical and statistical analysis of financial and economic data. Statmetrics offers real-time charting with a broad range of intelligent drawing tools, a large set of commonly used technical indicators for technical analysis of markets, support for statistical analysis and visualization of time series, access to financial and economic data of leading free providers.

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White Label Solution

STATMETRICS.APP is available as a ready-to-use white label platform for financial companies and developers in the FinTech sector. Statmetrics.WL is designed for seamless integration with any data provider and can be customized from UI to live streaming data. Statmetrics.WL is designed for use on mobile devices running Android and provides fast and cost-effective access to new markets under your own brand without bearing the full cost and risks of product development. Contact us today to find out more about whether our white label solution is right for your business.


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