Quantitative Finance Resources

Quantocracy is a curated mashup of trading blogs that deal in the quantitative and the empirical.

Quantocracy is followed by large community of traders and has many thought provoking and insightful articles from quant trading ideas to much more complex arguments in quant trading domain.

Risk.net provides news and analysis covering the financial industry.

Risk.net includes articles and papers on credit risk, market risk, risk systems, swap option pricing, derivatives risk and pricing, regulation and asset management. Articles include news, features, comment, analysis and mathematical papers.

Quantpedia is the encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies.

Quantpedia has thousands of financial research papers and more than 500 trading strategies available on their website. The database of ideas for quantitative trading strategies that are derived from academic research papers is continuously growing. Quantpedia reviews academic research papers and picks the best trading strategies based on risk and performance characteristics and various other descriptive attributes.

Quantitative Research and Trading Blog by Jonathan Kinlay

Dr. Jonathan Kinlay is the Head of Quantitative Trading at Systematic Strategies, LLC, a systematic hedge fund. The blog provides material on research work, trading platforms and trading strategies.

Quantitative Trading Blog by Dr. E. P. Chan

Dr. Ernest P. Chan, is an expert in the application of statistical models and software for trading currencies, futures, and stocks. He manages a hedge fund and SMAs at QTS Capital Management, LLC.

Alpha Architect Blog - Academic Finance Research and Insights

The Alpha Architect is a research-intensive asset management firm with a focus on high-conviction value and momentum factor exposures.