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Portfolio Analytics and Investment Research


Gain more confidence in your investment decisions with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools

Statmetrics offers an all-in-one solution for investment management and research. Statmetrics is optimized for use on android mobile devices and allows to access global market data and news, monitor and screen markets, perform charting and technical analysis, construct and backtest multiple multi-asset portfolios, apply portfolio risk-return optimization strategies, analyze the fundamental and quantitative characteristics of portfolio or potential investments.

Gain insights into the risk-return profile of your portfolio and streamline the investment process

The portfolio analytics solution provides support for multi-asset portfolio construction and backtesting, quantitative performance and risk analysis of the portfolio and its components, measurement of performance against benchmark and calculation of investment risk indicators, analysis of stress events, drawdowns and value-at-risk, visualization of risk metrics and the efficient frontier, evaluation of sector allocation, correlations and decomposition of portfolio risk, optimization of the portfolio with predefined mean-variance strategies.

Evaluate your investment strategy by tracking overall portfolio performance across all accounts in one place

Perform a portfolio performance measurement and attribution based on your trading history to provide greater transparency into your investment decisions and understand the quality of the investment process. Transaction-based performance calculation based on money-weighted methods (MWRR) enables accurate performance measurement for any asset class or currency. Get additional insight into your investment strategy and identify sources of return with performance attribution analysis.

Take advantage of comprehensive fundamental and quantitative research and make smarter investment decisions

Enhance your investment research, explore investment opportunities and identify hidden risks that affect your investments. Statmetrics enables analysis of fundamental and quantitative asset characteristics, visualization of key financial ratios, calculation of group descriptive statistics for single assets or a portfolio, statistical visualization and hypothesis testing, correlation and cointegration analysis, testing for unit roots and Granger causality, principal component and regression analysis.


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Minimum Requirements

Android OS 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) or above Tablet and Phone devices are supported.

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Minimum Requirements

Please install the Amazon Appstore on your Windows 11+ PC first to get the "Statmetrics" app from the Amazon Appstore.

Download for Linux, Mac OS, Windows 10 (and later)

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Minimum Requirements

A software version for Linux, Mac OS, Windows 10 (and later) platforms is not yet available. Please use an Android emulator (with Android OS 5.0 or above) to start the statmetrics.apk file.


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