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Stay on top of the market and access global market news, financial and economic data from leading free providers and central banks

Read the latest news from all major media sources and subscribe to all your news feeds with integrated RSS reader. Monitor upcoming economic events and company earnings reports. Use interactive charts, intelligent drawing tools and technical indicators to forecast future market trends and cycles. Perform quantitative performance and risk analysis of potential investments and compare the risk-return profile of assets in the portfolio or watchlist. Access global financial and economic data directly from data providers via the API. Supported data providers: Central Bank of Japan*, Bank of England*, Deutsche Bundesbank*, European Central Bank Data*, Federal Reserve Economic Data*, IMF*, OECD*, World Bank*, IEX Stock Exchange (U.S.), Alpha Vantage,,,,, * (provided by Quandl)

Construct, track and manage multiple portfolios, analyze various investments and find optimal portfolio risk-return characteristics

Gain insight into the historical risk-return profile of a portfolio and its components by examining statistical ex-post measures relative to a benchmark. Apply the predefined mean-variance optimization strategies (minimum-variance, maximum diversification, equal risk contribution, etc.) to estimate the optimal allocation of weights to the portfolio components. Backtest portfolio to verify the historical performance of the current investment strategy. Identify specific sub-periods or long-term performance patterns with analysis of time frames and perform an in-sample and out-of-sample portfolio optimization.

Examine financial market behavior and asset properties with exploratory data analysis.

Analysis of financial and economic data with descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing and statistical visualization: Histogram and Empirical Distribution, Theoretical Distribution Fitting, Kernel Density Estimation, Theoretical Q-Q and Symmetry Plot, Box Plot, Correlogram, Unit Root Test (ADF), Cross Plot and Cross Correlogram, Correlation and Cointegration Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Granger Causality Test, Multiple Linear Regression, Vector Autoregression (VAR). Local storage of datasets for offline analysis


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Minimum Requirements

Android OS 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) or above Tablet and Phone devices are supported.

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Minimum Requirements

A software version for Windows and Mac OS platform is not yet available. Please use an Android emulator (with Android OS 5.0 or above) like BlueStack to start the statmetrics.apk file.

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Minimum Requirements

A software version for Windows and Mac OS platform is not yet available. Please use an Android emulator (with Android OS 5.0 or above) to start the statmetrics.apk file.


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