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Statmetrics is a free app for comprehensive financial market analysis and research. Use watchlists, high-performance real-time charts, intelligent drawing tools and technical indicators to forecast future market trends and cycles. Identify hidden structures and causal relationships in financial and economic data with statistical and quantitative analysis. Access financial, fundamental and economic data from leading free data providers and central banks to make informed investment decisions. Get time-critical information and market news with personalized RSS news aggregator.


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Interactive high-performance visualization of complex economic and financial data enables easy analysis of large time series in real time. A broad range of intelligent drawing tools helps in the recognition of chart patterns and future trend development.


Technical indicators are a mathematically-based approach used to analyze historical data to forecast future price trends and patterns. Statmetrics provides a large set of commonly used technical indicators which are available for comprehensive market analysis.


An integrated RSS reader with easy-to-use interface makes it easy to subscribe and aggregate all relevant news and information. The individualization of news and information sources makes the entire reading experience easier and allows fast finding of time-critical information for investment decisions.


Access historical, intraday and real-time market data from leading free financial and economic data providers directly. Supported data providers include Central Bank of Japan*, Deutsche Bundesbank*, European Central Bank Data*, Federal Reserve Economic Data*, IMF*, OECD*, World Bank*, IEX Stock Exchange (U.S.), Alpha Vantage,,,,,

* (provided by Quandl)

Statmetrics integrates many aspects of statistical analysis for the description and analysis of financial and economic datasets. The basic processing of data with descriptive statistics, smoothing, hypothesis testing and statistical visualization, gives a first level of analysis.


Statistical visualization is used to understand how financial and economic data is distributed and how that compares to other datasets and distributions. A high level of automation provides effective estimation of the most commonly used distribution functions, comparison of data with a reference distribution using quantiles and related plots, and comparison of a number of data distributions to each other using box-and-whisker and distribution plots.


The analysis of financial and economic time series can provide valuable diagnoses to identify temporal structures such as trends, cycles and seasonality in order to determine the choice of model for the forecast. Basic time series analysis is tightly integrated into Statmetrics and allows the calculation of regressions directly on the chart, time series transformation and smoothing, visualization of auto-correlation and cross-correlation functions to identify suitable models and hypothesis testing.


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Android OS 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) or above Tablet and Phone devices are supported.

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Minimum Requirements

A software version for Windows and Mac OS platform is not yet available. Please use an Android emulator (with Android OS 5.0 or above) like BlueStack to start the statmetrics.apk file.

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Minimum Requirements

A software version for Windows and Mac OS platform is not yet available. Please use an Android emulator (with Android OS 5.0 or above) to start the statmetrics.apk file.


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